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Friday Facts || Awesome trivia from LM Montgomery’s “The Story Girl”

Two weeks ago, a review of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s The Story Girl went live on this blog. Hopefully, you’ve already had the opportunity to read this gem of a book.

Raving aside, there are other awesome things about this novel–things I didn’t know the first time I read The Story Girl. Luckily, the novel had an Afterword which provided its readers a view or a glimpse of LM Montgomery’s world. Here are a few things I would like to share to you all.

  1. LM. Montgomery, also known as Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of this book was more known as the author of the widely popular Anne of Green Gables. She has written twenty novels, and over sixty short stories.
  2. Montgomery’s Scottish forbears played a great part in this novel, as she grew up listening and telling anecdotes, legends, and myths from Scotland.
  3. This became the basis, or rather, background in creating the titular character.
  4. The character Peter Craig has a resemblance to Montgomery’s former sweetheart Herman Leard.
  5. As Montgomery was leaving her home island–Prince Edward Island, she suddenly became nostalgic.
  6. Montgomery’s teenage years were the inspiration of The Story Girl.

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